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My $200 Laptop Can Beat Your $500 Tablet

CmdrTaco posted more than 3 years ago | from the where-have-i-heard-this-before dept.

Portables 789

Roblimo writes "Yes, we know tablets like the iPad are the wave of the future and that PCs and laptops are dead. But some of us see tablets as laptops with their keyboards missing and a few hundred bucks tacked onto the price."

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Y'know (-1)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#35571626)

Y'know, I really thought this article was going to be about a laptop beating up a table. Don't editors spellcheck these days?

Tablet people! (0)

Fibe-Piper (1879824) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571642)

You'd think it would take Moses coming down from the mountain to get them to spell this correctly!

Re:Y'know (0)

yourdeadin (944000) | more than 3 years ago | (#35572000)

My RSS post says the same "My $200 laptop can beat your table"

It can beat my table? I hope so. (4, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#35571630)

> My $200 Laptop Can Beat Your $500 Table

But my table is good for holding food at dinners. Can your laptop do that?

Re:It can beat my table? I hope so. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#35571778)

IT makes a good serving tray.

(I was going to correct that capitalisation error then figured it still works)

Re:It can beat my table? I hope so. (4, Funny)

PopeRatzo (965947) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571888)

But my table is good for holding food at dinners. Can your laptop do that?

Actually as I look down at the keyboard, my laptop has a surprising amount of food on it. I see crumbs from my bagle yesterday morning. I see a little shmear of dried egg on the shift key. And I think that may be some hardened mozzarella cheese on the corner of the trackpad.

Re:It can beat my table? I hope so. (1, Funny)

peragrin (659227) | more than 3 years ago | (#35572160)

I think you just made the point of why tablets are superior than laptops.

no keys to have food get stuck between meaning you can clean it with a damp towel, instead of expensive canned air(it's even more expensive than bottled water).

Hopefully. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#35572182)

Given that we're on /. here, it is probably not mozzarella, but a case of Too Much Information ;)

Re:It can beat my table? I hope so. (1)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#35572002)

"holding food at dinners. Can your laptop do that?"

Of course. What's a keyboard for, if not holding bits of food?

Re:It can beat my table? I hope so. (1)

poetmatt (793785) | more than 3 years ago | (#35572006)

If it's closed, of course! It'll even heat the food for you!

Re:It can beat my table? I hope so. (4, Funny)

arth1 (260657) | more than 3 years ago | (#35572108)

Sure - if I push a button on it, a cup holder even pops out!

Re:It can beat my table? I hope so. (1)

Stenchwarrior (1335051) | more than 3 years ago | (#35572132)

My iPad2 can do all of that and more [youtube.com] .

Re:It can beat my table? I hope so. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#35572134)

> My $200 Laptop Can Beat Your $500 Table

But my table is good for holding food at dinners. Can your laptop do that?

Why, yes, it can.

mmmm..... lap-tray.

Table Laptop (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#35571640)

Lets see you rest your feet or eat your dinner on my laptop!

Re:Table Laptop (0)

bsDaemon (87307) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571680)

Whats the average crumb-per-key of your table?

Conservation of scarce resources (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#35571646)

Slashdot is running low on Ts.

Re:Conservation of scarce resources (2)

ArcherB (796902) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571758)

Slashdo is running low on le++ers shaped like +.


Re:Conservation of scarce resources (1)

somersault (912633) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571856)

Ack, the lack of IPv4 addresses is depleting our alphabet!

Re:Conservation of scarce resources (1)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#35571928)


Re:Conservation of scarce resources (1)

Goffee71 (628501) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571772)

Wondering if they're also running low on As - there could be a link

Re:Conservation of scarce resources (1)

PopeRatzo (965947) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571900)

.Slashdot is running low on Ts.

It's the recession. Times are tough and cuts had to be made.

Table. (5, Insightful)

Seumas (6865) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571648)

Yes, but I can't rest my feet on a laptop, like I can my table.

Anyway, the cost of the device is hardly relevant. Aside from portability, the real differences are consuming versus creating. So far, tablets are basically giant consumption devices. Listen to music, read books, watch videos, visit other people's websites. Not so much made for creating (unless the limit of creating, your case, is writing blog updates).

It's kind of like comparing a television with a video camera.

Re:Table. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#35572154)

Exactly. And it feels awesome to check the news, set my alarm, check the weather, read some websites, and listen to music while I'm winding down for bed on my iPad.

I would never, ever use a laptop for that.

Hmm... try serving dinner for 4 on your laptop. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#35571650)

I'll keep my $500 table, thank you very much.

Re:Hmm... try serving dinner for 4 on your laptop. (1)

ByOhTek (1181381) | more than 3 years ago | (#35572048)

I couldn't serve a dinner for 4 on my old laptop, but I could sure cook one! Can your table beat that?

Table? (1)

vawwyakr (1992390) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571654)

I don't know about everyone else but I try not to use my laptop as a table. It's too sensitive to water and tends to not sit far off the ground making sitting at my laptop for dinner more difficult.

$500 Table (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#35571656)

do you even proofread your articles, Taco?

Wait (0, Redundant)

Even on Slashdot FOE (1870208) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571664)

My $200 Laptop Can Beat Your $500 Table? Of course the average laptop has more computing power than the average table. Have you even read the article yourself, CmdrTaco, or did you just look at the title like us Slashdotters?

less is more (1)

gsslay (807818) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571802)

I see laptops as desktops with the expansion slots and mouse missing. So why are similarly specced laptops more expensive than desktops?

Why, it's almost as if, sometimes, less is more!

Re:less is more (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#35571872)

Smaller form factor and higher portability indeed!

Re:less is more (0)

VirginMary (123020) | more than 3 years ago | (#35572088)

Smaller form factor and higher portability indeed!

And yet, I have not once seen someone holding up a laptop to their face and reading or browsing the world-wide web on it on my daily commute with the bus. But I do that with my iPad and have seen other people do that with other tablet computers. So, all those morons that claim that netbooks etc. are far superior to tablets are obviously wrong! I spend 1 1/2 hours a day on the bus and that's why I love my iPad. I also really enjoy it the few times a year that I have to fly. If I didn't have those use cases
, I probably wouldn't own one but I love using it and it can by no means be replaced by a laptop. I have carried a backpack with me for most of my life and now I have my 3G iPad in it all the time and that is way better than lugging my heavy laptop with me instead which I also didn't do before there even was an iPad. And I am saying this as a UNIX bigot. I am probably one of the 10 people that use an Apple laptop because it runs UNIX really well and that uses the command-line far more than the GUI while at work. But, the iPad and a laptop running UNIX are two very different things and neither can replace the other for every use case!

Re:Wait (1)

C_amiga_fan (1960858) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571836)

Forget the table..... I want to know where I can get a laptop for only $200 (preferably with a dialup modem*)??? The cheapest I've ever seen was $320 during a Staples sale.

*Most budget hotels only have internet via phone.
*Unless you want to pay $3/day!
*(which I don't)

Re:Wait (1)

MikeDirnt69 (1105185) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571962)

FTFA: Craigslist

Additional tablet feature (4, Funny)

elrous0 (869638) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571668)

My greasy fingerprints all over the goddamn screen.

Re:Additional tablet feature (1)

EricTheRed (5613) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571954)

My greasy fingerprints all over the goddamn screen.

I suffer from the same problem so a continual problem with tablets that I don't see going away.

Table (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#35571670)

At least on my $500 Tablet I can hit the character 't' on the keyboard successfully ;-)

Yeah (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#35571672)

but can you keep three week's worth of laundry and leftovers on your 200$ laptop?

500? (0)

scourfish (573542) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571692)

Just like go to the Goodwill store or something, there are plenty of $20 tables there.

Re:500? (0)

socsoc (1116769) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571754)

I was starting to wonder if a $500 table was made out of a rare element or something.

Re:500? (0)

ByOhTek (1181381) | more than 3 years ago | (#35572098)


You've never shopped for a new table, have you? Unfinished wood had most of their decent sized tables well over 500 (unfinished). "Value" City furniture? the mediocre stuff is around $500. I guess there's always Meijer, Walmart and Target.

Re:500? (1)

vawwyakr (1992390) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571844)

Yeah but do those tables compete with his laptop?

Any new business? (1)

xactuary (746078) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571696)

You want to table the tablet discussion? Fine.

Table (2)

QBasicer (781745) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571698)

Well, your laptop may be able to surf the web, but I can eat off my table, plus I'm pretty sure my table could crush your laptop!

But really, tablets *ARE* like laptops, but in a form factor that makes them really pruned down. Laptops are chunks of plastic that fit together - sort of. Tablets are sleek and minimalist and have touch screens. Two different markets. I wouldn't want to write a paper on a tablet, and conversely, there are points where having a tablet is just easier than pulling out a laptop (and finding some place to type correctly on it). Each has their own merits, and like any tool, you have to use it properly for it to be effective.

Re:Table (2, Insightful)

arth1 (260657) | more than 3 years ago | (#35572176)

But really, tablets *ARE* like laptops

Hardly. Unless you use a laptop as a tablet (i.e. run only one program at a time and always maximize every app you run), in which case you're screwed to begin with, and will never catch up in the tech race.

A tablet is an oversized PDA with a focus on bells and whistles instead of useful functions. Do not want.

LOL at Grandpa Dunlap (-1)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#35571704)

Seriously, using an optical drive to back up files? WTF year does this codger think he's in?

Bonus dumbass points for not realizing that tablets have multitasking nowadays - and for *still* bringing up the "OMG I can't swap out batteries" routine...

Re:LOL at Grandpa Dunlap (2)

bhcompy (1877290) | more than 3 years ago | (#35572090)

Why is it a dumbass point to bring up the battery swap? I just replaced my battery in my 7 year old Dell laptop yesterday. Still runs fine, still plays CSS, EVE, Rome: TW, and BF2 fine(which is more than any tablet in existence can say), but batteries cease to function over time/use. Instead of completely replacing it, a 50 dollar battery makes it portable again.

Re:LOL at Grandpa Dunlap (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#35572190)

because i'm not poor and i dont have to wait over 7 years to replace a laptop? by the time I need to replace a battery in a laptop it will be in a landfill somewhere.

More proof that cheaper != better (1)

sethstorm (512897) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571710)

Given that the tablet models have the features normally seen on older laptops(Flexview/AFFS/IPS being a tablet/ultraportable only item), I'd beg to differ.

Nice headline (1)

Tim C (15259) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571712)

Be a shame if anything unfortunate happened to it - oh, wait, too late.

Who thinks this? (2, Insightful)

GameboyRMH (1153867) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571714)

Who thinks a tablet could replace a laptop? Tech journalists who don't know shit about tech, and various Starbucks-dwelling types (who also don't know shit about tech), that's who. Tablets are doomed just like PDAs without cell modems were doomed. The future is convertible laptops. Mark my words.

Re:Who thinks this? (5, Insightful)

pushing-robot (1037830) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571814)

The future is convertible laptops. Mark my words.

Wow, if someone ever tried that I'm sure it would change the entire industry!

Hint: The reason why tablets are popular is not because of their features. It's because you can carry the damn things around with you without your arm falling off. Slapping a tablet screen on a notebook does not fix this problem.

Re:Who thinks this? (5, Interesting)

GameboyRMH (1153867) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571986)

Modern notebooks/netbooks weigh very little. If you put a fancier hinge and a touchscreen layer on a Macbook Air's screen, how much heavier would that make it? Don't forget, almost all laptops use li-ion batteries instead of the much lighter and more space-efficient li-pos.

The big question is whether it will be a PC-like laptop running a desktop OS, or an Atrix-4G like device, basically a convertible laptop body for a phone, running a less functional OS. It could go either way. Assuming this walled garden fad wears off soon (every walled garden in the history of general-purpose computing has failed so far), I'd say it'll be an Atrix-like device, otherwise it will be a PC-like device. Either way it won't weigh significantly more than a tablet and will be far more useful.

Re:Who thinks this? (1)

damonlab (931917) | more than 3 years ago | (#35572036)

If you think your arm is going to fall off from a 5 pound laptop, then you have bigger problems to be concerned about.

Re:Who thinks this? (2)

mjwx (966435) | more than 3 years ago | (#35572136)

Hint: The reason why tablets are popular is not because of their features. It's because you can carry the damn things around with you without your arm falling off.

is why American society is doomed. I've seen Chinese and Thai students lugging about ancient 5+ KG laptops because they were the only ones they can get and we're talking about 40-45 KG when soaking wet Asian girls.

Hold on, I'll be in my bunk

Now where was I, oh yes, not being able to carry around a 1.2 KG laptop. Are you kidding me? 1.2 KG for an EeePC or equivalent netbook, the heaviest one Asus has produced is 1460 grams (1.46 KG).

Seriously, is that your best excuse? How do you manage to open jars if 3 KG is too heavy for you. I though I needed to put in more time at the gym and I lugged an IBM X3650 server up 2 flights of stairs today (I'm by no means an Adonis, tiger blood maybe, no Adonis).

As a side note, the type of laptops the GP alluded to have always been around, it's just never been cheap to produce them before. They haven't disappeared because there is a successful niche market for tablets with built in keyboards. Question is, what happens when they do become cheap to produce, no reason why tablets and coverable netbooks cant co exist.

Re:Who thinks this? (1)

alvinrod (889928) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571924)

For a lot of people it probably could replace a laptop. Just because the Slashdot crowd doesn't fall into that group doesn't mean that the device is useless. It's unfortunate that 95% of tech journalists don't cater to 5% of the market, but such is life.

To paraphrase a rather famous quote:

No keyboard, less power than a notebook. Lame.

Re:Who thinks this? (1)

Quiet_Desperation (858215) | more than 3 years ago | (#35572124)

It's unfortunate that 95% of tech journalists don't cater to 5% of the market

Why is that unfortunate?

Re:Who thinks this? (1)

GameboyRMH (1153867) | more than 3 years ago | (#35572138)

You're like the people in the early 2000s who told me only an uber-geek could have a use for something like a Treo 180. According to them, PDA-phones with touchscreens and keyboards would only be popular with geeks because they're so bulky and complicated, and simple dumb phones with no Internet connectivity or fancy input devices would remain the most popular.*

*If you argue that most people use dumb phones and therefore they were correct, I will argue that most people don't have cars and therefore they are undesirable and unpopular.

Re:Who thinks this? (1)

DdJ (10790) | more than 3 years ago | (#35572038)

No, the future is mind/machine interfaces.

As for convertible laptops as a form factor, it's been done. I've actually got one of these:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vadem_Clio [wikipedia.org]

It could be used in "laptop", "tablet", and "easel" form-factors (the third being propped up like an artist's easel, which is outstanding for small presentations, video viewing, and some other uses). Lovely design, but it never took off, alas.

I've used a wide variety of devices in a wide variety of form factors, and I have to say: laptop sucks. Why? Because the physical relationship between the keyboard and the display is fixed within limits that are ergonomically terrible.

Know what's better, if cost is not an issue, and everything can be made light enough and convenient enough to transport? A tablet coupled with a wireless keyboard. In terms of actual utility, a laptop's got nothing on that combination. In fact, stick 'em into a case and you get the laptop form factor exactly, so the result is basically a "superset" of the laptop.

Now, we're not there yet, the combination isn't cheap enough or convenient enough yet. But laptops are just a step on the way towards that (which is itself just a step on the way towards a mind/machine interface).

Re:Who thinks this? (3, Informative)

DrXym (126579) | more than 3 years ago | (#35572060)

Asus have a couple of models which IMO sound far more useful devices than pure tablets. The Eee Slider is a tablet with a slide out keyboard which tilts the screen for typing. The Eee Pad Transformer is a tablet that you can stuff into a netbook style housing with keyboard / mouse.

IMO both devices are far, far more suitable than tablets for any kind of text input, e.g. lectures, writing emails, essays, slashdot comments. Of course the price might be prohibitive when they launch but we'll see.

That's the biggest issue with tablets at the moment - they cost too damned much money. It really is a ripoff. A tablet should be the same price as a netbook, but manufacturers are still in greed mode. They see Apple commanding stupid premiums for their device and they "compete" by pricing their devices similarly. There is absolutely no reason a decent tablet shouldn't cost $300 or less. There are already a few examples (e.g. Advent Vega is a Tegra 2 10" tablet for £250) but the brand names are still too expensive. Hopefully when the market is flooded with Android 3.0 devices the prices will become a bit more reasonable and competitive.

More to the world than pure tech specs (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#35572092)

Another obsolete geek chimes in. Your days are numbered, nerd. History and actual technology are leaving all you "tech experts" behind.

Re:Who thinks this? (1)

SoupIsGoodFood_42 (521389) | more than 3 years ago | (#35572166)

What's the difference between a convertible laptop and a tablet with a keyboard accessory?

Re:Who thinks this? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#35572174)

mark your words? as if you were early with or had refined that conclusion in some meaningful way.

Popularity: manufacturing scale. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#35571730)

As tablets become more popular, firms will be adding more production capacity for touch screen and other components and eventually, tablet prices will plummet, overall - not sure about Apple.

Of course, they'll be firms that will create a tablet that's basically a keyboardless laptop or as in the case of Lenovo, a hybrid.

Table? Why not laptops? (0)

BlkRb0t (1610449) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571732)

I think a better comparison would be with Laptops and not tables.

to laptop owners: (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#35571738)

some of us desktop owners see... well, you get the point.

Who the hell... (0)

Spewns (1599743) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571740)

...would pay $500 for a table?

Re:Who the hell... (1)

Rob the Bold (788862) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571978)

...would pay $500 for a table?

If it were really nice, maybe. But I sure as hell wouldn't go beating on it with my laptop. Sounds like a good way to waste 700 bucks!

Re:Who the hell... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#35571998)

Actually, the high-end dining tables go for several thousand. If you want quality wood that seats more than 4 people, then you could easily end up in the over $500 range.

Where the innovation's at? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#35571742)

Even my long-dead HTC Tornado(Windows Mobile 5) did multi-tasking so that I can listen to my music while browsing the web. iPad fails utterly in that sense alone.

Re:Where the innovation's at? (1)

UnxMully (805504) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571852)

Do you honestly not know that th iPad with iOS 4 can play music while browsing?

Re:Where the innovation's at? (1)

thechink (182419) | more than 3 years ago | (#35572054)

It could with IOS 3 too.

Re:Where the innovation's at? (1)

UnxMully (805504) | more than 3 years ago | (#35572156)

I thought it could but couldn't be sure.

Tech Pundits and their friends (3, Interesting)

Sonny Yatsen (603655) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571744)


Everywhere I go these days, my friends slam laptops. They tell me my PC of choice is a dying breed and sing the praises of their new, "post-PC" Apple iPad.

Is it me or does it sound like the writer's friends are just trend-happy followers? I'm around a lot of tech people and I don't know of anyone who crow about how much tablets are going to completely displace PCs or laptops or desktops. I think for most people, the tablet is a nice toy with interesting specific applications, but it's not a replacement for anything. Same thing with all the people who said netbooks were going to displace laptops a few years ago, and the people who said laptops will destroy desktops a few years before that. Didn't happen then, won't happen now.

Maybe the writer should find less trend-whorey friends.

Re:Tech Pundits and their friends (3, Interesting)

dskzero (960168) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571862)

Of course they are. This isn't even a contest. Different devices for different uses. I use my laptop for writing, programming and the such. I can't use a tablet for that. Conversely, I once was in a conference and saw someone taking notes on an iPad. I couldn't realisticaly pull out my laptop and take notes standing there. Not that I'd buy an iPad anyway, but a cheaper tablet might have its uses: they just can't replace anything seriously.

And this is the history of... (1)

dskzero (960168) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571752)

... how a typo made a pointless history something funny.

The iPad is a tablet, but not all tablets are iPad (4, Insightful)

alt236_ftw (2007300) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571764)

Repeat after me:
The iPad is a tablet, but not all tablets are iPads.

I own an Android tablet with USB host functionality (2 ports, weep old macbook air users!), which is sold for $99, has multitasking, can use a keyboard, does not use iTunes and supports SD cards.

Granted, I would never write an essay on it, but tablets are not meant to be user as PC replacements: They are information retrieval devices, not data entry ones.

Re:The iPad is a tablet, but not all tablets are i (1)

Sonny Yatsen (603655) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571812)

Which tablet are you using? Did you root one of the Android e-readers like the Literati?

You're missing the point (4, Funny)

BadAnalogyGuy (945258) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571768)

Tablets (the separate species from TabletPCs) are meant to be take-anywhere devices. That iPod or Android phone in your pocket? That's a tablet.

It isn't meant to be the device that you rely on to do your heavy work. It is a portal device, to get you to important data immediately, wherever you are.

Spock doesn't use a tricorder tablet because it has a million features and CPU to spare. He uses it because it is handy and can connect to the Millenium Falcon when it needs to perform more CPU-intensive calculations.

If you think your laptop is better, then that's great for you. But the fact of the matter is that you have simply been left behind technologically. You are a relic.

Re:You're missing the point (1)

tangelogee (1486597) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571894)

Spock doesn't use a tricorder tablet because it has a million features and CPU to spare. He uses it because it is handy and can connect to the Millenium Falcon when it needs to perform more CPU-intensive calculations.

...if ever an name was more apt... ( I assume this is on purpose)

Re:You're missing the point (1)

rwa2 (4391) | more than 3 years ago | (#35572056)

Yep, my $400 G-Tablet pretty much runs circles around my $400 eeePC 901 (granted, the latter is a few years old now). It can play flash videos in fullscreen without stuttering. It connects to wifi faster. I can plug in external storage.

I can even plug in a cheap USB keyboard and do "real work" on it.

wmy comparison can beat yours (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#35571780)

yeah, i'm sure your laptop can beat my ipad jn terms of speed, ports, keyboard, etc., as sure as my ipad can beat your laptop senseless with it's touchscreen, it's ips-display, it's battery-life, etc.

btw, my car definitely beats my bicycle when it comes to speed, comfort, heating, ond so on, but, oh, is my bike silent and light.

what a stupid comparison.

& baby makes 3 (-1)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#35571808)

plenty of room here in between the missing character panic. reading this by those so afflicted, could still be useful, despite the grammatical, & charachterisational license taken.

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just kidding? not at all

GeorgiaStoneMasons, 'chosen ones', in cahoots? (Score:0)
by Anonymous Coward on Friday March 18, @09:12AM (#35528686)
the GSM get their tiny (ie; selfish, stingy, eugenatic, fake math) .5
billion remaining population, & the money/weapons/vaccine/deception/fake
'weather' alchemist/genetically altered nazi mutant goon exchangers, get
us? yikes

the 'fog' is lifting? more chariots will be needed?

ALL (uninfactdead) MOMMYS......

the georgia stone remains uneditable? gad zooks. are there no chisels?

previous math discardead; 1+1 extrapolated (Score:-1)
by Anonymous Coward on Monday March 14, @10:59PM (#35487476)
deepends on how you interpret it. georgia stone freemason 'math'; the
variables & totals are objective oriented; oranges: 1+1= not enough,
somebody's gotta die. people; 1+1=2, until you get to .5 billion, then
1+1=2 too many, or, unless, & this is what always happens, they breed
uncontrolled, naturally (like monkeys), then, 1+1=could easily result in
millions of non-approved, hoardsplitting spawn. see the dilemma? can
'math', or man'kind' stand even one more League of Smelly Infants being

there are alternative equations being proffered. the deities (god, allah,
yahweh, buddha, & all their supporting castes) state in their manuals that
we needn't trouble ourselves with thinning the population, or being so
afraid as to need to hoard stuff/steal everything. chosen people? chosen
for what? to live instead of us? in the case of life, more is always
better. unassailable perfect math. see you at the play-dates, georgia
stone editing(s) etc... babys rule.

exploding babys; corepirate nazis to be caged (Score:-1)
by Anonymous Coward on Sunday March 13, @10:50PM (#35476142)
there are plans to put them, (the genetically, surgically & chemically
altered coreprate nazi mutant fear/death mongerers (aka47; eugenatics,
weapons peddlers, kings/minions, adrians, freemasons etc...)) on display
in glass cages, around the world, so that we can remember not to forget...
again, what can happen, based on greed/fear/ego stoking deception.

viewing/feeding will be rationed based on how many more of the creators'
innocents are damaged, or have to be brought home (& they DO have another
one) prematurely.

Reply to This
excess could wreck another planet in 400 years?
black hole builders? ungrateful? misinformed. what?this planet was relatively

Honestly this is a good sense article (2)

vawwyakr (1992390) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571826)

Good sense that most people are missing. I really wanted a new tablet, I was looking at the Xoom, and while waiting for it to be released in WiFi only I looked around and noticed that I could get a laptop that had enough power to play full PC games, movies, and do everything anywhere on the web (flash, silverlight, whatever is out there is probably works on a PC) and all for the same price. The only advantage I see for tablets right now is size/weight, longer battery life and quick web browsing. They cost too much for that, maybe if I traveled all the time or spent a long time commuting on public transportation then I could find a use but for the most part they are just less capable than anything you could get for the same price elsewhere.

pffft... laptop. (2)

KingRatMass (1448233) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571838)

You can't have sex on a laptop... my $500 table wins!!! You can't play beer pong on a laptop.... again, table wins!!! You can't put 10 laptops on your laptop... Another win for the table!!! You can't have sex, while playing beer pong and using your laptop on a laptop... Tables rule!!!

Then, don't use the tablets... (1)

QuietLagoon (813062) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571846)

some of us see tablets as laptops with their keyboards missing and a few hundred bucks tacked onto the price."

It is really very simple, if you do not want or need the extra features that a tablet brings to the table, then don't buy one. What is so difficult about that?

Keep in mind that notebooks used to cost hundreds if not a thousand dollars more than a desktop, and the notebook was far less powerful than that desktop. Yet, over time, the notebook pulled ahead.

Even in boot time? (1)

vlm (69642) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571904)

My $200 Laptop Can Beat Your $500 Tablet

Laptops boot faster than tablets? Laptops wake up from sleep mode faster than tablets? Laptops have longer battery life than tablets? Laptops have faster virus scanning etc than tablets? I wanna see this $200 laptop.

Re:Even in boot time? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#35572094)

wtf virus scanning does your tablet do?

Silver Lining (2)

TheEyes (1686556) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571908)

One positive impact of the tablet market is the potential for better screen options for netbooks and low-end devices. Netbooks almost universally have cheap, low-quality screens, but tablet do not, largely because they require support for the high viewing angles that IPS screens can offer. With any luck the millions of IPS-or-higher quality screens on these tablets will drive down prices for IPS panels, and we'll see options for decent netbook screens filtering into the low- to midrange netbook market.

Re:Silver Lining (1)

smelch (1988698) | more than 3 years ago | (#35572198)

Netbooks? Gross! Get a fucking tablet if you want a bite sized computing device. What exactly are you doing on a netbook that wouldn't be better served by a laptop or a tablet?

Several good points (3, Informative)

Conspiracy_Of_Doves (236787) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571936)

Article makes several good points, but a lot of the problems it mentions are leveled at the iPad specifically and not tablets in general. Non-apple tablets could easily not have these problems.

Personally, I'd like something where you can just plug the tablet into a docking station that has a keyboard and mouse setup, maybe even a larger monitor, and just pull it out when you need to go portable. Although that doesn't take care of the problem where tablets will be forever less powerful than desktops.

Tag as flamebait (5, Insightful)

psergiu (67614) | more than 3 years ago | (#35571950)

Please tag this story as flamebait because that's what the TFA is.

one word: keyboard (1)

circletimessquare (444983) | more than 3 years ago | (#35572032)

i can't use a smart phone without a physical keyboard, and i sure as heck won't ever buy a tablet when i can get the same features, with a keyboard, for less money

PC and Laptop's Are not dead (1)

technocranks (2023282) | more than 3 years ago | (#35572044)

I,m not agree with the statement thats pc and laptops are dead on the market hit by Tablets. the tablet's Pc is different device with PC and Laptop's. custom spec is the one's selling point for laptop's and PC.we can upgrade or downgrade the hardware.can we do thats for Tablet's ? i dont think so. believe me, tablets will slowly dead in the market.just like Kindle. ------ Asus released a very powerfull spec tablets [mobilesreview.org]

Oh Yeah? (1)

RandCraw (1047302) | more than 3 years ago | (#35572084)

And my $10 hammer can beat your $200 laptop.

Battery, weight, ease of use, and instant on (1)

darjen (879890) | more than 3 years ago | (#35572116)

Your $200 laptop doesn't compare to tablets in those areas.

...at things a laptop is meant to do. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#35572140)

Clearly this was written by someone who is trying to force the tablet into doing things like a laptop, as if it's a complete replacement, instead of treating it as a new class of interface. I could go on and on about how my 500$ tablet can do things my 2000$ laptop can't. It'd be stupid, though, because they're meant for different uses. Either that or they haven't used one at all and are just jealous.

"You can't plug a mouse into a tablet." Who the hell wants to plug a mouse into a tablet?!

Printing is now possible over the air, more or less, though that's becoming less and less necessary anyway.

Some tablets have SD slots, and the ones with adapters, well how often do you need to connect the camera?

I barely remember the last time I had to use a physical disc, or even a flash drive. And burning optical discs are hardly a sensible permanent archive solution.

I am typing this on an iPad, inside the Twitter app, while listening to Pandora, so yeah.

The iPad being heavily connected to iTunes is a valid issue, but there are tools to work around it: Dropbox, DropCopy, Files HD, just to name a few But, can I just flip my laptop around to show someone something? Even smaller laptops are hard to manipulate and pass around. Can I lie down on the couch and read a book comfortably with my laptop? Not really, I've tried.

This is just an article written by a either a curmudgeonly nincompoop, or someone trying to get page views with a little "controversy".

Tunnel vision rants are not news (1)

xororand (860319) | more than 3 years ago | (#35572146)

Why is this on the front page? Seriously.

My $200 Laptop Can Beat Your $500 Table (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 3 years ago | (#35572150)

My $200 Laptop Can Beat Your $500 Table

/me smashes your laptop on the corner of my table and hands it back to you!

No it can't.

Having fun with each of his "points" (3, Insightful)

Shivetya (243324) | more than 3 years ago | (#35572192)

A. A Laptop's CD and DVD Player/Burner: If you're into permanently saving photos, music, or movies

Wireless connectivity allows me to store my music, photos and such, on a machine which I won't lose. The chance that I will need all my music, those movies, or that photo, are to be considered, but many of us know what we reference daily. I would rather have a home full of things I need now than a home full of clutter I think I might need and never access. Tell me this, how many have look at last used dates on many items on your notebook? It might surprise you.

B. A Laptop's Keyboard: Most iPad users readily admit it's difficult to type anything that is data intensive on the touch keyboard that appears on the screen.

OK, but given time you learn to adapt. I find just as many people complain "you will never be happy with a notebooks keyboard" as I see with tablets. Well I can get a nice clamshell case with a bluetooth keyboard built it. Tablets are not meant to replace home computers for development and large work, the Apps just are not there. However they are great for taking what you need in a small footprint.

C) The Storage Available on a Laptop:If you want to download and store tons of decent-quality movies,

Which in point A I stated, go check when you last viewed/listened to the majority of it. Then scroll back to see what you used in the last year. You will be surprised. I have over 20g in music and guess how much I listen too. I have the 32g iPad of which I haven't used half. Why? Because its like packing a car. I am taking what I know I will use and then tossing in small things here and there. I guess for some being lazy and taking it all is a great method but you never rid yourself of the clutter if you do. Fact is, we keep to much crap on our computers because its easier than cleaning it up

D) A Laptop's Ports: No USB port on an iPad? Sure there are pricey adapters, but what if you want to plug in a mouse, digital camera, and/or printer?

My printer is wireless. I have an adapter for HDMI, SD cards, and USB cables, which btw I haven't used every day. I don't need a mouse with a touch screen and wireless eliminates most ports anyway

E)Apple iPad 2Apple iPad 2The iPad Doesn't Have Multitasking: So I can't listen to sports talk radio online, check to see if little Charlie has bitten anyone else's finger, and type my blog, all at the same time? This versatility is why we love mobile computers. This fact alone will always keep me using a laptop.

False. I load a VPN connection and close the app to load something else and yet my VPN is still running. How is that? Is that not multitasking? I have loaded a work app and bounced between it and my webbrowser which by the way was showing the weather an it updated in the background. I guess by multitasking you meanm you cannot have a bunch of windows open all at once of which your are using ONE AND ONLY ONE AT THIS EXACT MOMENT. Many Apps that you invoke keep background services running, that is multitasking. Don't confuse that with having many windows open.

F) The IPad Is Confined by the Limits of iTunes: Jared Newman, a PCWorld blogger, summed it up: "

And it gets updated all the time. We don't know what new features we will get. As it stands now, after I first setup my iPad with iTunes I have never used iTunes since as I have never connected my iPad back to my Mac. I get documents, Apps, and the like, all over the wireless connection. I could care less what iTunes is not doing. As long as I have the Apps I need to do the work I want to do I could care less about your perceived limitations because they aren't mine.

G) The iPad's Battery Isn't Replacable: I know the iPad has respectable battery life, but if you need to work on a long plane ride and in a café with no available power outlets, I feel you'll need excellent battery life and a back-up cell that installs easily.

This one is even more laughable. Sorry, but spending 10 hours at the cafe ain't exactly what I call a winning strategy ever. Let alone the fact your replaceable batter machine already weighs three to seven times my tablet and you want to add more items?

No thank you, the comparison was silly all the way down, it was like a political talking point memo, only suitable for those who swore off tablets before using them. I did not think I would find a tablet all that useful at first either, but in the week I have had my iPad I have used my iMac twice.

Testing the analogy waters (1)

Quiet_Desperation (858215) | more than 3 years ago | (#35572194)

My stove can totally pwn my toaster oven, but I use the toaster oven a lot more.

There. Let *that* analogy fester next to the car based ones, and shudder in fear at a future filled with major home appliance analogies.

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